english teamwork camp

English Teamwork Camp

English and Teamwork Camp

IOGT 02-03/08/2014

English communication and teamwork skills are viewed as keys for success at school and workplace. However, there is a gap in addressing this need that exists in the educational system of Vietnam, which focuses primarily on learning English grammar and lacks professional soft skills training. As a result, many students find it difficult and ineffective when speaking English as well as working with others in a team.

To empower students to become more confident and effective in speaking English and at the same time developing their teamwork skills, IOGT Vietnam is organizing an English and Teamwork Camp at its Experiential Training Center in Soc Soc district, Hanoi.

Participating in this camp, students will be offered the opportunity to practice English communication in a comfortable and experiential environment and to develop teamwork skills through outdoor games.

Camp’s Objectives

The English and Teamwork Camp will help participants enhance their English speaking ability and develop skills needed for success in groups. Specifically, the camp will help participants to:

  • Better conduct English conversations  with international volunteers, English speaking trainers, and teammates;
  • Effectively overcome the fear when speaking English and gradually increase the level of confidence in this area;
  • Allow themselves to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes to grow;
  • Enrich their English vocabulary and use them effectively;
  • Practice and develop communication, discussion and planning skills;
  • Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Grow leadership ability in directing, influencing, and leading others in groups;
  • Learn how to praise and motivate team members;
  • Network with other participants and trainers.



The training method encourages the experiential learning from participants through playing the designed games, reflecting on the games, generating lessons learned, and applying gained skills in their school work and life.


Program schedule

Key content


Day 1:


  • Pick up participants from Hanoi to Soc Son
  • Networking activity: who are you?
  • Experiencing teamwork outdoor games designed by IOGT International.



  • Lunch
  • Continue experiencing teamwork outdoor games designed by IOGT International.
  • Reflection: learning moments and key lesson
  • Dinner


  • Talent show: drama, dancing, singing in English
  • Camp fire activities

Day 2:


  • Meditation on the top of the Mountain
  • English Breakfast
  • Experiencing leadership challenge games designed by US Navy


  • Lunch
  • Continue Experiencing leadership challenge games designed by US Navy
  • Reflection: learning moments and key lessons
  • Certificate handing over
  • Travel to Hanoi



IOGT training team consists of trainers with more than 10 years of training experience, practical skills and effectively demonstrated English speaking.


Fee: with only 1.300.000 vnd

(Include: Tranfer, Accomodation, Meals, Teaching Fee, Tools)

Bank tranfer information:

Training Center of Youth Activities Organising Methods (Trung tâm đào tạo phương pháp tổ chức các hoạt động vui chơi cho thanh niên)

Bank account: 020027714855

Customer code: 4832902

Bank: Sacombank - Capital Brand

Add: 88 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi


After tranfer, please send us the tranfer receipt to email: iogtvn@gmail.com

Or a message to Mr Tuan Anh - 0936 686 696

With your full name or the list of your friends.

With the content: English Teamwork Camp 08/2014 Fee


The camp will take place at IOGT Experiential Training Center, Soc Son, Hanoi.


For registration. Please fulfill this form:



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